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OCD and Anxiety Aftercare Group

This group is for those dealing with Anxiety and OCD and focuses on offering specific support for those struggling with these disorders. Garrett, the group facilitator, worked at the Rogers Behavioral Health OCD and Anxiety Residential program prior to joining Shoreside Therapies. The group will have regular topics prepared by Garrett, but will also allow for group processing.

The goals of the group will be to:

  • Learn more about Anxiety and OCD
  • Learn coping skills to manage symptoms of OCD and Anxiety
  • Utilize Exposure Response Prevention techniques
  • Listen and give support to other group members
  • Continued progressing in recovery

The size of the group will be capped at 8 people and will meet every Monday night at 6 pm and will meet for a length of 90 minutes. The duration of the group will be for 8 weeks.

The role of your group facilitator:

Your group facilitator’s primary responsibility is to create an atmosphere of safety and support in order for you to get the most out of the group. Your group facilitator will encourage each group member to be honest, vulnerable, and respectful about their feelings and observations in the group. It is important that each individual’s boundaries and limits are voiced and respected in the group. Thus, if you are ever feeling unsafe in the group you are encouraged to discuss this with your group facilitator. If for any reason you experience any negative reactions or blocks towards participation, please share this with the group. Your voice is your power and right.


Each group therapy session will cost $50-$55 a person (discount given to early bird registration). In the interest of having group members fully commit from the outset, group members will pay for the first three sessions ($150.00) prior to the start of the group. Subsequent group sessions will be billed via a credit card on file with Shoreside Therapies. A superbill can be provided for you to submit to insurance.

What to do next:

Email Garrett to see when the next group starts and to ask if you are a good fit for the group.

Watch a video to get to know Garrett a little better!

Garrett Wilk Live Q&A

Additional Important Information to Remember:

Group member’s agreement for confidentiality:

All members of the group will be asked to agree to a high level of confidentiality in the group sessions. This means that each participant agrees not to share any other group member’s identifying and personal information with others. It is appropriate to share with others your personal reaction and feelings about group, but refrain from sharing other people’s stories with others who are outside of the group.

Limits of Confidentiality:

In accordance with professional ethics and Wisconsin law, the information revealed in group therapy is confidential, and will not be revealed to anyone without your written permission, except as required by law. Some of the circumstances where disclosure is required by Wisconsin law are when there is a reasonable suspicion of child, dependent or elder abuse or neglect. This includes instances when material has been accessed, streamed, or downloaded in which a child is engaged in an obscene sexual act. If you are in danger to yourself, to others, to property of another person, or if you are gravely disabled your facilitator is mandated to make a report to the appropriate authorities. Your facilitator is also obligated to disclose information if a close family member communicates to the facilitator that you are a danger to others. Disclosure may also be required during a legal proceeding by or against you. For example, if your mental status is questioned during litigation, therapy records and/or testimony by your facilitator may be required by a Court Order. Your facilitator will use his clinical judgment when revealing such information, and will do his best to minimize disclosure unless absolutely necessary.

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