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Monthly Free Wellness Workshops

Shoreside Therapies is offering free in-person short, lunchtime wellness workshops.

About this event

How would you like to spend your lunch break? Join Shoreside Therapies for free, in person short workshops that are fun and informative! Meet new people while learning about different ways of living healthy. Whether it's stress management or relationships - we've got something great every month.

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Healthy Habits

We help you achieve your goals, whether it's to move more, eat healthier, mediate or journal.


Find the Right Partner

When you are dating, it can be difficult to know if that person will be a healthy fit. Learn your attachment style and relationship red flags.



Learn about the nine different types of people with the Enneagram, a popular personality typing system used by therapists to create goals.


Yoga for Mental Healthand Migraines

Yoga is a great way to manage migraines if practiced regularly. It can also help pain, depression and anxiety.


Better Sleep

Improve your sleep quality and get the most out of life with Shoreside Therapies. You will learn a variety of skills to help you get better sleep.



Learn how to set boundaries with others and improve your relationships and create less mental and physical stress


Self Compassion

Self compassion is a way of treating yourself with kindnesswhen you are suffering. Learnthe skills to implement selfcompassion in your daily life.


Planning for College

Transitioning to college is stressful. Learn how to reduce the common stresses of college and embrace this stage of discovery and growth.



You’re juggling a million thingsand sometimes it feels likeyou’re barely keeping your headabove water. Learn ways tomake adulting easier.


Suicide Prevention

The three steps for helpingsomeone experiencing a mental health crisis.


Easy Healthy Food

Looking for a healthy meal that is easy to make? Eating healthy promotes mental health as well as physical health. Enjoy some free samples.


Self-Care Products

We know that finding effectiveproducts can be a challenge,That's why we've created a listof self-care products thatactually work! Try them out!