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Why Group Therapy

Do you feel like you're struggling with your mental health and don't know where to turn? Shoreside Therapies can help. This video will introduce you to our group therapy program for 18-25-year-olds.

My name is Calvin Hanson, and I'm the group facilitator at Shoreside Therapies. We offer a wide range of services here, but one of our most popular programs is group therapy for young adults aged 18-25. In this video, I'm going to introduce you to the program and tell you a little about what it entails.

Why Join a Group Instead of Individual Therapy?
How Would a Group Benefit Me?
What Do I Talk About in the Group?
How Do I Know What Type of Group Format to Choose?
What If I’m Too Uncomfortable to Discuss My Problems?
Is What I Say Kept Confidential?
Some Common Misconceptions About Group Therapy.