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5 Ways to Support a New Mom

Ways to Help a New Mom: Practical Tips for Supporting Her

Ask Her What She Needs

Everyone asks the new mom how the baby is doing; instead, be the person who asks how she is doing. We often make assumptions about what others need based on our own experiences. Be sure to ask what mom needs and really listen to her. What may have been helpful to you may not be helpful to her.

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Respect Boundaries 

All moms try to do what is best for themselves and their children. When a mom sets a boundary, be respectful of it. You may not understand why she does not want you touching or kissing the baby’s face or why it is important to her. To ensure you respect her boundaries, ask beforehand what you can do to ensure you are.

Be a Helper, Not a Guest

When visiting with a new mom, ask if you can help with anything. Everyone wants to hold the baby, which can be helpful. Sometimes, a mom only wants to hold her baby without worrying about dishes, laundry, and vacuuming. Don’t put expectations on mom for a long visit, providing a meal, etc. Keep visits short and sweet unless mom expresses something different.

Drop off food

Dropping food off can be so helpful for a new mom. The key is dropping the food off and not adding pressure for a visit with her or the baby. Also, be sure to ask about any dietary restrictions or preferences beforehand!

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Continue supporting her

Generally, moms get a lot of support right away after having a baby, and it gradually fades away. Think of a new mom when she returns to work and through other milestones in her and her baby's life. Being a mom isn't just hard in the beginning; moms deserve support and care at all stages of motherhood.

Parenting is challenging and rewarding at the same time. If you are a new mom struggling to feel supported through this phase of life, don't hesitate to reach out to learn about setting boundaries and communicating your needs to others. Call, email, or text Claire for a free phone consultation today

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