What is Executive Coaching and how can it help?

Executive coaching is the art of improving performance in self and others. From defining performance goals to the implementation of action steps to the synthesis of feedback. Coaching is not psychotherapy or based on symptomatology. Coaching relies on collaboration between coach and client to develop unique sets of improvement benchmarks to enhance overall achievement. Areas such as emotional and social intelligence may be addressed along with skills such as interviewing, salary negotiation, navigating office politics and managing difficult co-workers, subordinates or leadership.

Often companies are investing in their employees and will not only pay for executive coaching but will encourage ongoing participation to advance and thrive. Many clients find the tools and skill sets learned invaluable not only for their personal growth but use them to motivate, retain and enhance direct reports.

Brandon Wells, MS, LPC, CCC, is a certified corporate consultant and uniquely trained to address all issued related to executive coaching.

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Brandon Wells, MS, LPC

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