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Laurie Groh

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New Clients

  • We offer 15-20 minute free consults via phone, video or in-person to ensure we are a good fit.
  • Please contact the therapist directly for information on rates and insurance.
  • Please remember to enter your insurance information in the portal.
  • A credit card is needed in the portal before your first visit.  If you prefer to use cash or credit card please inform your therapist.
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Call: Our main line: (414) 332-7000

Text: your therapist directly. Click on their profile to find their number.

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Online Portal

Many people feel nervous before their first appointment, wondering what their therapist will ask, or what they should tell their therapist. Your therapist will primarily want to hear the reasons you made the appointment, what you have already done to try and solve the problem, and what you hope to accomplish in therapy. Your therapist will ask about your family history, mental health history, relationship history and physical health. Share what you can but you can always let your therapist know you would like to wait to share more information. It is normal to not want to share everything in that first meeting. Meetings are in office, via zoom or telehealth or phone. You can discuss your preference prior to your appointment.

Our goal is that you feel comfortable. So have a seat in our waiting room. Have a refreshment and your therapist will come out to greet you. If you are waiting longer then 10 minutes feel free to knock on their door or text or call. We make it a priority to be on time, so this is unlikely. If we are running late it may be because another client is struggling. If it is something else, the therapist will text our call.

Text or call your therapist. We can hold your spot if we know ahead of time. If you are more then 15 minutes late the therapist may step away from their office.

  1. Watch our videos on our clinicians to get a feel for personality and style.
  2. Read some of the therapist’s blogs to learn more about their specialties.
  3. After an initial assessment or free 15 minute consult you should be able to get a sense whether they are a good fit.
  4. Ask questions about education and experience about the issue you are presenting.

The right fit is the number one reason your therapy will succeed, so it is ok if someone isn’t a good fit. We will help you find someone that is, even if it isn’t at our clinic. Your treatment is our first priority.

We are out of network. Out of network means we take insurance but we use your out of network benefits. As an additional service we will check your benefits for you. It makes sense to check this prior to doing therapy and we are happy to check it for you. Sometimes there is not much difference, if any, in your out of network benefits. Contact your preferred therapist or email Shoreside Therapies for this service: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We need:

  1. Your Name
  2. Name of your insurance
  3. Member ID
  4. Date of Birth

A few things but here are the main reasons:

  • Your insurance cannot dictate treatment. If you are in-network insurance will be able to dictate your frequency and amount of time in session.
  • More thoughtful care. Your care at Shoreside Therapies will be better. Although there are many wonderful in-network providers, typically if you are an in-network provider you must see more people. Most in-network therapists have to see 35-40 clients a week, leaving the therapist overwhelmed and exhausted. Staying out of network allows for more time and thought about you after the session, more education, sending you more resources.
  • Increased confidentiality. Your care is more confidential, as there is auditing of your chart is done by your insurance. No treatment plan needs to be sent. Treatment is between you and your therapist.
  • Accessibility. We pride ourselves in getting you in that very same week, sometimes the next day! You can book on-line for the next day. When you want to get help typically you want it right away. You don’t have to stay in that confused scared place alone for long. Additionally, as an established client, we return calls and emails quicker because our caseloads are intentionally less.